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about coleman senecal


Hello and welcome! I'm an American born and raised in Virginia, and I recently spent 3 glorious years living in the English countryside with my husband and our two boys. I have always felt comfortable with a pencil or paintbrush in hand, and took as many art classes as possible in high school and at university. Over the years, I have realized more and more that I need to create. It allows me to breathe and express myself more than anything else. 

My painting style has been heavily influenced by my love for the work of both romantic and early impressionist painters; Constable, Homer, Corot, Turner, Monet, and Childe Hassam especially.

During our time in the UK, I was endlessly inspired by the landscapes of that incredible island. I draw most of my inspiration from nature, especially from our travels in the UK and on the European mainland, but also from the beautiful scenes in my hometown on the East Coast. Mountains, water, woods, and big skies are where I feel most at home. I believe the beauty of nature should be brought inside our homes- to breathe life, peace, and glory into our everyday lives. Thanks so much for stopping by! Here's a little peek inside the cottage studio:

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