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"Worth It" square print

"Worth It" square print

My alarm went off at 5... dazed, I slowly pulled myself out of the cozy bed to slip on my sandals and creep out to the front door. By the time we reached the beach, I was starting to wake up. And so was the world around me. The sound of the gentle waves tried to lull me back to sleep, but the cry of the gulls, the diving pelicans, and dolphins surfacing held my attention while the sky gradually lightened and glistened off the expanse of water. Slowly the clouds moved into mesmerizing, peach-tinged shapes and I breathed in the salt and cool breeze and said thank you.


This gorgeous fine art giclee print of my original painting “Worth It" is printed with archival ink on heavy, beautiful fine art paper. 


PRINTED TO ORDER- please allow time for my fabulous fine art printer to create your print. Processing time is about 1 week until your print is shipped to you.


(Printed on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag 308 gsm paper with a smooth matte finish)


From $35.

    PriceFrom $35.00
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