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March Morning

March Morning

This morning, there's a chill on the air. There are faint smells of spring beginning to creep in, but winter is still clinging on to anything she can grasp. The sun is trying its best to cut through the mist, casting weak shadows where it can, and slowly, slowly warming your chilly nose. You slowly creep forward to get a better view, and the mama sheep stops munching her grass, raising her head with a start to keep one eye on you and one on her precocious lamb. The other sheep in the field don't seem to notice you, continuing their morning routines. You keep on walking, starting to warm up despite your cold hands and ears, and leave the mama to finish her breakfast.


 Oil paint on 25 x 40.5 cm gallery- wrapped canvas, the glow of this painting reaches into whatever room it resides in. Framed in raw wood floater frame.


This painting was made with care and love in my cottage studio in rural England. I hope it brings joy and light to your home! 


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